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Salad bowl container paper lid cover machine 250 customize

paper lid cover machine salad bowl container

Paper lid cover machine 250 info

Super salad bowl container paper lid cover machine 250 is a customize paper forming machine, designed for super size paper lid cover, to fit for salad bowl, family bucket, food packages.

250 Paper lid cover machine is our patent machine, which make paper lid, paper cover.

It’s an automatic machine with the functions:Automatic roll paper feed, creasing (make the forming guide line), emboss (can make emboss, logo), hole punch(make hole for straw), punching (punch the roll paper to lid open disc), auto feed disc to mold, heating, folding, knurling, and discharge. With convey and counter for collection.

Paper lid cover machine 250 demo video:

watch the live demo video on youtube:

Paper lid cover machine 250 Tech Data:

  • Paper lid machine customize model
  • Speed: 40~80 pcs/ min,
  • Lid size: 140~200 mm,
  • Lid height: 10~17 mm;
  • Material: One & Two side PE/PLA/PBS coated paper,
  • Material: plastic free water coated paper (KOTKA barrier coating paper ),
  • Paper Weight: 35~55 um (0.35~0.55mm, 240~450 gsm), best over 320gsm,
  • Total power: 15KW,
  • Weight: 4500KG,
  • Pack size: 3450 x 1680 x 2280mm,
  • Air Source : Air Pressure: 0.4Mpa, Air output: 100~300L/minute;
  • We Reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
  • other,

Paper cup lid cover machine price

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