Paper bowl machine, making soup salad paper bowl container, to go noodle box, ice cream paper bowl.
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Paper bowl making machine OC35

Paper bowl making machine, Speed: 60~80 bowls/minute; Size: 8oz ~ 35oz paper bowl; Material: PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper; Plastic free water based barrier coated paper; Tube barrel cam + shaft + gear drive; PLC+ HMI + sensor control, high efficient, Usage: ice cream soup noodle salad bowl container; Full automatic, 24 hours non-stop, Stable design, reliable quality parts, In time service, Long life time support, Paper bowl making machine oc35 is best bowl container forming machine, improved on oc12 paper cup machine, reliable quality & cheap price, it is making big size paper cup bowl container, soup paper bowl, salad paper bowl, noodle box, noodle bowl, salad paper container, ice cream paper bowl container,

Salad bowl container machine 1500

Salad bowl container machine, Model: 1500; Speed: 60~80 pcs/min; Size: 20~50oz paper bowl; Material: PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper, Tube barrel cam + shaft + gear drive, Intelligent PLC program control system, Stable & reliable, 24 hours working, Efficient, one worker easy operation, Usage: salad food paper bowl container Manufacturer factory cheap price : Salad bowl container machine 1500 adopt high speed paper cup machine technician, customize designed for super size low height salad paper bowl, paper container, excellent for packing food, salad, ice cream, snacks, It is an full automatic machine make carton cardboard salad paper bowl container .

Paper bowl machine 990

Paper bowl machineļ¼Œ Model: 990; Speed: 90~110 bowls/min; Size: Max 990ml; Material: PE/PLA/PBS film coated paper; Tube barrel cam + shaft + gear drive; Usage: coffee tea paper cup bowl container; Manufacturer factory price; Paper bowl machine 990 is a high speed paper cup bowl container making machine, Adopt high quality part, stable 24 hours working, long life time support, It makes coffee paper cup, cold drink cup, soup bowl, ice cream paper bowl, salad paper bowl container, food pack to go noodle box, Feed cup body fan blank, feed cup bottom roll paper, cup wall ceramic hot air heating + ultrasonic sealing, bottom auto punch and feed to mold, cup body lift to main mold, knurling, cup top twice curling, cup discharge, collection,