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About FeeNoT

Best paper container machinery supply manufacturer, Leading paper lid machine factory. Best Quality, Best Service, Best Price.

FeeNoT machinery factory is the leading paper container forming machines manufacturer. Over 20 years experience in paper container machines researching and design, quality stable is our first focus.

Mainly supply paper lid machine, paper cup machine, paper container machine, carton box machine, paper plate machine, paper bag machine, bag packing machine, print machine, die cut & punching machine.

Leader Paper Lid Cover Machine 145

145 Leader paper cup lid cover machine, Patent, 120 pcs/min, stable, reliable, online lid packing machine, full automatic.

Super Bowl Paper Cover Machine 250

Leader super size salad paper bowl cover lid machine, customize designed for largest salad bowl, family bucket, container cover.

Leader Paper Cup Machine 990

Leader paper cup making machine, speed 120~150 pcs/min, twice curling, max 990ml, max height 135mm.

Hot Sale Paper Cup Machine N12

Hot sale N12 paper cup machine, speed 120~150 pcs/min, ecomonic model for market small cup, max height 110mm.

Hot Sale Paper Bowl Machine OC35

Leader paper bowl machine, speed 60~80 pcs/min, stable reliable, hot sale model.

Double wall ripple cup machine

Double wall ripple paper cup machine, make 2nd sleeve jacket on single wall paper cup.